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This page is intended to help those of us who homeschool using  the Mother of Divine Grace syllabus, or who base their curriculum on Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum. 

In addition to the file downloads, I hope to offer links to online book sellers who carry the books needed.

If you do decide to purchase any book that I have linked here, I would greatly appreciate it if you link to the sellers site from this page.  We earn a small commission on the sale of the books listed, and this helps in the purchase of books for St. Philomena Academy.

Thank you!


Links to sites to purchase books:
For "Concepts and Challenges" Science text try:

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MODG book list, sorted by Author in  MS Excel.
last updated 4/26/03
I have entered all the books from the reading lists, grades 4 through 12, in the book Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum, by Laura Berquist.  Ther is more fine tuning to be done, but the drudge work of entering the titles is done !! 
Titles in bold are the books that Laura has asterixed in her book.
"H" stands for a book that is listed as History reading, and "L" stands for those listed as Literature reading and "S" stands for Science.
Some books appear as an "H" , "L" or "S" , and at different grades.
It is best to print it in landscape, so that it all fits, widthwise, onto one page.
It is a bit slow to download.
If you have trouble with the download, please e-mail ( me and I can send it direct via e-mail attachment.  Once you save the file to your Excel program,  you can  make changes or add information,  however you would like. 
If you do not have MS Excel, you can go to and download a viewer.  You won't be able to edit the file, but you will be able to read it.

MODG Reading Lists, Sorted by Authors

A friend has generously offered her Excell spreadsheets for the Upper Grades of MODG.  Thank you, Kim!
Each grade/subject is a seperate download.  Again, I hope this works, but please feel free to let me know if it doesn't!

9th Grade Earth Science

10th grade Ancient History & Lit.

10th Grade Religion

10th Grade Science (Nat. Hist.)

11th Grade History and Lit.

11th Grade Science (Biology)

12th Grade British Literature

12th Grade Religion


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