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Back& .Theobald, Robert A.3The Story of the Second World War: The Axis Strikes5The Story of the Second World War: The Allies ConquerThe Chestry OakThe Borrowed HouseThe Winged WatchmanThe Zion Covenant Thoene, BodieThe Zion ChroniclesThe Flying Tigers Toland, JohnA Man For OthersTreece, PatriciaSilence Over DunkerqueTunis, John R.His Enemy, His Friend8The British Empire: An Amer. View of Its Hist. 1776-1945The Life of Winston ChurchillThe Rose RoundThe Korean War Smith, Carter+The Vietnam War: How the US Became InvolvedYamasaki, MitchThe Elephant and the TigerThe World's Great Speeches Copeland/LammThe ABC's of Christian CultureFogassy, Julia Tom SawyerRed Badge of Courage Lorna DooneBlackmore, RichardThe House of the Seven GablesHuckleberry FinnGreat Expectations KidnappedMutiny on the Bounty Nordoff/HallDeath Comes For the ArchbishopThe Holy BibleGod10thThe Founding of ChristendomCarroll, Warren+History of Western Civilization: A HandbookMcNeil, WilliamArt of Ancient GreeceLaisne, Claude!The Anchor Atlas of World HistoryCreasy, Edward Shepherd%The Oxford History of the Roman WorldBoardman/Griffin/Murray6The Oxford History of Greece and the Hellenistic WorldDudley, Donald9A History and Description of Roman Political InstitutionsAbbott, Frank Frost$Society and Politics in Ancient RomeParrallel LivesPlutarch Mythology BullfinchHamilton, Edith MetamorphosesOvidTill We Have FacesThe Wonder BookJason and the Golden FleeceColumn, PadraicTales of Greek HeroesGreen, Lancelyn The Book of Daniel The Bible The IlliadHomer The OdysseyThe Children's HomerThe Theban Plays Sophocles The Clouds Aristophanes Agamemnon Aescchylus EumenidesPrometheus BoundFablesAesopThe Worlds Great SpeechesParallel LivesThe Book of EstherElectra EuripidesAntigone Oedipus RexOedipus at ColonusA Day in Old AthensDavis, William S.!History of the Peloponnesian Wars ThucydidesA History of My TimesXenophon The DialoguesPlato MemorabiliaThe Philippics DemosthenesThe Categories Aristotle!The Prior and Posterior Analytics The PhysicsConcerning the SoulThe Nicomachean EthicsThe Metaphysics The Poetics The RhetoricUniversal HistoryPolybius The ElementsEuclidOn Floating Bodies ArchimedesOn Conic Sections Apollonius-Alexander the Great and the Hellenistic World Burn, AndrewLivy2The History Of Rome From It's Foundation vol. 1-10The Rise of the Roman EmpireSwords Against CarthageDonauer, Friedrich?The Standard Bearer, A Study of Army Life in the Time of CaesarWhitehead, Albert Carlton8Caesar's Army: A Study of the Military Art of the RomansJudson, Harry PrattCommentary on the Gallic WarCaesar, JuliusTo His SoldiersHannibalAnabasis On FriendshipCiseroChildren of Ancient GaulLamprey, LouiseSwords in the NorthAnderson, Paul LewisFor Freedom and for GaulA Slave of CatalinePugnax the GladiatorOn Land and Sea With CaesarWells, Reuben FieldWith the EaglesWith Caesar's Legions Roman Life in the Days of CiceroChurch, Alfred John;The History of the Decline and the Fall of the Roman Empire'Gibbon, Edward (Abr. Williams,Rosemary)The Annals of Imperial RomeTacitusOn Britain and GermanyLives of te Caesars SuetoniusAntiquities of the JewsJosephus Jewish War The History of the ChurchEusebiusLetters from a StoicSenecaOn the Natural FacultiesGalen, ClaudiusNatural HistoryPliny, the ElderPliny, the Younger Letters A Day in Old RomeChildren of Ancient Rome!The Common People of Ancient RomeThe Romans WorldMoore, Frank Gardner!Lucius, Adventures of a Roman BoyHelenaThe Life of the Fly Fabre, HenriSThe Life of the CaterpillarThe Life of the GrasshopperThe Life of the ScorpianThe Life of the WeevilThe Hunting Wasps 10th The Sacred Beetles and OthersThe Mason-BeesThe Glow Worm and Other BeetlesBumble Bees and OthersAnimal Life Field and Garden Social Life in the Insect WorldThe Wonders of InstinctOur Humble HelpersThe Handbook of Nature StudyComstock, Anna Botsford Walking Catfish and Other Aliens Roth, CharlesAnimal Architects The SpiderCrompton, JohnThe Ways of the Ant The SnakeA Hive of BeesThe Herring Gull's WorldTinbergen, NikoCurious NaturalistsThe Amateur NaturalistDurrell, Gerald#Nature Discoveries with a Hand LensHeadstrom, RichardAdventures With a Microscope Man Meets DogLorenz, KonradAnimal Navigation  ($H C gs L G k)M^ Ae x 5$H  54 _n?c#7?c#GPt=Ei6Vzf (й!"#$&"y0'7=|(hc)jl 3*:w!+(,i-#.#f"/) "0) +12 1 3 31!5(`/66 #7*,83$9 : t; ;\= >7_>@ #A* )B0 C'!D(kEr^FK9G& Ht-IJJKLMcVOC qP^ ]}Qj R S UV 17W$X\&YeGZ4ja[NW\DRpb]Ob^Oe_v`݈aTb|wcdldYefh?i%j k)5lKm=noN Zp eq s t\pjuZvw=yzz{$h{1<|}]~&h1t{Űyru<bbbԭb 0ԭs0tb SRbybQ<bnx07fhington Carver: An American BiographyHolt, Rackham, Holt Andersonville2Virginias General: Robert E. Lee and the Civil WarMarrin, AlbertRifles for WattieThe Lincoln-Douglas DebatesLincoln/DouglasPhantom of the BlockadeThe Long Road to Gettysburg Murphy, JimAbe Lincoln Grows UpSandburg, CarlThe Perilous RoadUncle Tom's CabinStowe, Harriet BeecherUnderground Man5The Underground Railroad: Life on the Road to Freedom Hansen, EllenUnder a Changing MoonIsbert, Margot BenaryThe Devil and Daniel WebsterBenet, Stephen V.Up From SlaveryWashington, Booker T. The Virginian Wister, Owen Free LandLane, Rose Wilder"Reconstruction: Binding the WoundsEdwards, CherylLittle BritchesThe Home RanchKimThe Story of a SoulMartin, St. ThereseApologia pro Vita SuaStalin: Russia's I a=}M+kO E!+)6@K/Uo_is}Ò+ku  dMbP?_*+%P "Eh9\MHP PSC 500< d,,HP PSC 500LPT1 ,,d"d,,??U} 2} #} $ Adams, DorothyT0bbx  bb i    "  $ 0'7c)j!+-"/) b0b>nbrT0    z   $ z    z    z y   z   $ z    z    z i j k y    z    z    z    z l m k y o m k y p m k y % & $ z   $ z   $ z    z Z [ $ z   $ z    z X Y  z X Y  z Z Y  z [ Y  z \ Y  z _ Y  z B C  z    z @ A  zD l8888888888888888888888888888888 T0!b"#x $%&'b(b)i* +",$-0'.c)/!+0-1"/) 2b30456789>n:;b<=>T0?    z !3 !4 ! !z "5 "4 " "z #6 #4 # #z $7 $4 $ $z %8 %4 % %z &9 &4 & &z ': '4 ' 'z (; (4 ( (z )= )> )$ )z * *6 * *y + +6 + +y ,5 ,6 ,7 ,y -5 -6 -$ -y .  .6 .$ .y / /6 /$ /y 0 06 0$ 0y 1? 1@ 1$ 1z 2 2 2 2z 30 3 3$ 3z 4 4 4$ 4z 5) 5* 5$ 5z 6 6 6 6z 7 7 7$ 7z 8h 8i 8$ 8z 9~ 9 9 9z : : :$ :y ; ; ;$ ;z < < < <z< = = =$ =z= > > >$ >z ? ? ?k ?zD l8888888888888888888888888888BB8@T0AbBCx DEFGbHbIiJ K"L$M0'Nc)O!+P-Q"/RbS0TUVWXY>nZ[b\]^T0_ @' @( @$ @z A A A Ay B} B~ B7 BzB C C C CyC D D D Dz E@ E E Ez F F F Fz GR GS G$ Gy H H H7 Hz IV IW I Iy J8 J9 J Jz Kn Kq Kk KyK L L L$ Ly M M M Mz N N N$ Nz O O O$ OzO P P P$ Pz Q Q Q QzQ R R R RzR SP SQ S$ Sz T T T Tz U U U$ UzU V V" V Vy W W W WzW X X X$ XzX Y Y Y Yz Z# Z Z$ ZzZ [A [ [$ [z[ \l \m \$ \z ] ] ] ]y] ^R ^S ^$ ^z _\ _S _$ _zD l88BB8888888B888B8BB88B8BB8BB8B8`T0abbcxdefgbhij k"l$m0'nc)o!+p-q"/rbs0tuvwxy>nz{b|}~T0 ` ` ` `z a a a$ aza bB bC b$ bz c c c$ czc da db d7 dzd ea eb e ez f f f fzf gh gi g gz h h h hzh i i i$ iz jU jV j jz kU kV kk ky l l l$ lyl m m m$ mym n n n$ ny o o o$ oy p] p^ p$ pzp q q q qz r r r$ rzr s s s sz t t t tz u( u) u uzu v v v$ vzv w_ w` w$ wzw xa x` x$ xz y y y$ yyy zD zE z zzz {X {Y { {z{ | | |$ |z }O }P } }z} ~) ~* ~ ~z b c $ zD* l8B8BB8B8B888BB88B8B88BBB8BBB8B8T0bxb "$0'c)!+-"/b0>bT0 F G  z    z % & $ z    z e   z m   z    z    z #   z    z g h  z 8 9 7 y / 9 $ z 8 9 $ z  9 $ y / 9 $ y ) * $ z + * $ z , * $ z d e $ z  e $ z    y & '  z    z   7 z    y  ;  y  ;  y : ; 7 y  ;  z   !  z    zD lB88888B888BB8BB88BB8BB88BB8B8B8T0bxb "$0'c)!+-"/b0>bT0 2   z   7 z a b  z | b  z   $ z /   z T U  z D E $ z j k $ z    z   $ z    y $ %  y f g $ z    z   $ z p q $ z    y    y    z    z      z     z 0 1  z 2 3 $ z        z     z h i $ z   k z    z    zD l8BB88BBB8B88BBBB88888B8BBBBB888T0bxb "$0'c)!+-"/b0>bT0    z    z    z    z    z    z   $ z j k $ z l k $ z m k $ z n k $ z o k $ z m k $ y   $ z     z o p 7 z    z c   z   $ z   $ z   $ y   7 z    z    z    z   $ z                   $ z    zD l888888B88B88BB88B888BB8B88B88BBT0bxb "$0'c)!+-"/b0>bT0    z    z < = 7 y 6 7  z    z    z r  k y u  $ z   $ z   $ z 4  $ z    z    z    z   $ z ( )  z w )  z  t  z s t k y s t 7 z r s $ z t s $ z   $ z m n 7 z    z   $ z    z  O $ z   7 z    z   7 z    yD l88B888BB8BB88BBB8888888B8888BB8T0bxb    " $ 0'c)!+-"/b0>bT0    y 1 2  z   7 z    z    z   $ z k l  z      y      y    $ y    $ y      $ y    $ y    $ y     $ y    $ y    $ y    $ y    z    z I J  z    y    z 5 6 $ z @ ? 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